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Below are links to common CSOS inquires. If you require further assistance, our friendly Support Team is highly trained and ready to help you with issues that may arise.
DEA CSOS Support

DEA Contact
877-DEA-ECOM (877-332-3266)
M-F: 8:00 A.M. – 5:50 P.M. (Eastern)
[email protected]


Download the official, comprehensive support document for CSOS Subscribers. This manual includes assistance with the enrollment process, guiding the subscriber through each step.

CSOS Enrollment

Every individual person who wants to sign electronic orders for controlled substances must enroll with the DEA to acquire his or her own personal CSOS Certificate.

Certificate Retrieval

Before using your personal CSOS Certificate, all four of the DEA’s CA Certificates must be installed. Installing the DEA’s CA Certificates allows your computer to trust your personal CSOS Certificate.

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Our goal at Legisym is to provide the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with affordable and effective regulatory compliance services and solutions.
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