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About Us

In 2008 Legisym’s founders, a group of three entrepreneurial business owners and software developers, opened the door of our leading-edge technology company.

Express222™. Their focus was to design a specific software application that uses more advanced technologies, optimizes performance, and simplifies the user experience all without being cost prohibitive. So, by mid-2008 Legisym launched a plan to develop the first and only 100% Web-based CSOS solution and by January 2009, our flagship CSOS solution, Express222™ was certified by the Drummond Group – becoming the third of only three commercially offered CSOS solutions.

Legisym continues to enjoy steady growth with new clients that have never utilized a CSOS solution and by converting companies from the antiquated client/server CSOS. This growth can be attributed to the value and reliability Legisym delivers over our competitors:

  • Low start-up cost
  • Compatible with paper DEA Form 222 processes
  • Only the internet is required
  • Service adjusts automatically to manage your business needs
  • Return on investment time frame improved over client/server platforms
  • No software/hardware infrastructure costs, installation, or lengthy contracts
  • No license fees, no seat fees, and no maintenance fees
  • Responsive, 100% support for you and your customers telephonically, by email, and live chat
  • Familiar, user-friendly experience
  • Online support, training, and documentation

License Verify™. Having successfully built a solid foundation of trust, our Clients started to come to us with another gap the industry had been facing. In 2018, this lead to the launch of our second service offering, License Verify™, the comprehensive service for verifying pharmaceutical licensing across the nation. We invested time and resources to fully understanding the frustrations and complexities trading partners are met with when performing traditional license verifications, noting the considerable time and manual effort required to implement and maintain frequent, ongoing verification checks. Legisym has set out to solve this costly and risky challenge by offering its automated license verification as a service. Similar to our Express222™ CSOS, License Verify™ is offered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which means:

  • No Annual Maintenance Fees
  • No Per-Seat User Fees
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Hardware or Software to Purchase

Credential Solutions™. Now, after more than a decade of successfully providing the pharmaceutical industry with affordable and effective regulatory compliance technologies, Legisym’s Product Development Team took on another challenge brought to them by the industry. In early 2020, driven by the 2023 Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) requirements under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), Legisym began leveraging their experience and existing achievements in Express222™ CSOS (the 100% web-based solution that enables suppliers and buyers to securely process electronic controlled substance orders with real-time DEA compliance) and License Verify™ technologies (a comprehensive service for verifying federal, state, and local licensing across the nation), to engage as a credential issuer through a new offering, Credential Solutions™. By performing thorough credential issuer due diligence and monitoring services in alignment with both the Open Credentialing Initiative’s (OCI) Conformance Criteria and the Partnership for DSCSA Governance’s (PDG) Foundational Blueprint for 2023 Interoperability, Legisym promotes confidence in trading partner digital identities and ATP status through interoperable, verifiable credentials.

Legisym, LLC
Our goal at Legisym is to provide the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with affordable and effective regulatory compliance services and solutions.
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